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How to choose the right wig density for you?

There are many factors you need to consider before buying a wig, including hair color, hairstyle and the size of the special mesh cap, and one issue that many people tend to overlook: hair density. This is more professional, and you often see reviewers talking about this on social media, but many people don’t fully understand how the density of wigs should be viewed. Now let me introduce to you the problem of wig density. First of all, what does wig density mean? Density is determined in terms of the number of hairs per square inch. For example, a square inch should contain a thousand hairs, so its density is in the thin-medium level. But often buying wigs will not count each hair, so it will also use the weight to calculate. Take a 16-inch long wig as an example, the density of 130 is about 200g, including the weight of the base material. If you buy a wig above 20 inches, if you want to wear it very well, then you should choose a wig that weighs 250g-300g. The density is 130-150%. Kno

Trending summer 2022

Entering the spring, the fashion about summer wig has been formed, many celebrities in the fashion industry have posted their latest looks on social networks, brought a new wave of trends. Now, let's take a look at what the five most popular hairstyles are this summer. The first. Blonde bob with long straight blonde hair. Bob hairstyle is one of the most popular styles in recent years, whether in terms of length or modeling, it is almost suitable for women of all ages, if you want to make a change, you can also rely on this hairstyle to make it. Long straight blonde hair is a style that can never go wrong, and it is very cost-effective, if you get tired of the look, you can always make a change. It can be said that this style is well-deserved in the first place. Second. Pure natural color curly. This one is divided into long and short, the short is about 12 inches, and the long is about 20 inches. Speaking of this one, when you open Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social s

How to protect human hair wig under the sun

  Human hair wig is now a good jewelry investment, a good human hair product can keep you at the forefront of fashion. And 100% human hair products are more expensive, so ensuring that they stay beautiful during their expected lifespan is crucial. Under normal circumstances   according to daily wear and appropriate washing, care and treatment,  h uman hair wig can be used for about 1 year.  Depending on how often you wear your hair, you can extend the lifespan of your hair with proper care! What is often overlooked is the damage caused by sunlight to human hair wig.  So how to protect your hair in the sun? The ultraviolet rays of the sun will dry out human hair wig, the color will also become dull, if lose luster and moisture, the wearing effect of human hair wig will be like chemical fiber wig. This completely destroys the most valuable part of human hair wig. So avoiding sunlight is very important. The same principle as protecting the skin from sunburn, applying a layer of "suns

As Black Friday approaches, are you ready?

This time of year is a good time for shopping, there are not only a dazzling array of products, it also has even more favorable prices, allows you to buy the most suitable good things at the cheapest price. However, not all merchants will provide customers with such large discounts, what's more, some products will be increased in price on the eve of the event, so much so that many customers still spend a lot of money to buy what they want. Come to, you will no longer have to worry about this happening! On November 26th Black Friday on he dat, 50% off sitewide. All products enjoy this discount, when wig is added to the shopping cart, an immediate 50% discount is available. Without any complicated operation, there is no need to waste energy to memorize various activity codes, as long as you come to luxhairshop to buy wig on the day , you can enjoy this discount directly. Luxhairshop has always been based on high-end quality, low prices and high-quality services are de

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