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When should I clean my wig?

After received wigs, many customers would like to wash and wear wigs, create perfect hairstyle immediately. Before luxhairshop shipped your wigs, their professional hairdresser will pre-plucked wigs, bleach knows for you, so you only need to take card of your hairline. Wigs are not same as your own hair, when you wash them, you can know the difference. Today, I will introduce some tips on washing wigs. First, washing human hair wigs For human hair wigs, when wigs hair become oily or dry and tangle, you need to wash them. As usual, 5-7 days, your wigs will be changed, sometimes, it is also depended on weather. If it is rainy and the humidity is high, the time interval between two cleanings will be larger, but note that if the humidity is too high, it will make the hair greasy, thus shortening the time required to clean the wig. When you wash human hair wigs, you need to care them just like your own hair. Many customers have same issue, they all think the high

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The history of wearing wigs all over the world

Now wearing wigs has been trendy of 2020, most people choose wigs because of beauty, no matter you have own hair or not, you can select to wear wigs. If you have own hair, wig can protect your own hair, they won’t be hurt by dye and straightening. If you don't have perfect hair, wigs can let other forget it. For wigs, it is not appear these years, it has been few centuries. The reason of wearing wigs are different in different country, now let us see it. Ancient Chinese wigs have been popular for a long time. During the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, men in the upper classes began to popularize hairpin hairpins. They would wear hair buns at the top of their heads or lean their heads out, and then wear hairpins or decorate other accessories. It is amazing that the behavior of wearing wigs is dominated by men, and very few noble women wear wigs. The upper class nobles have very strict requirements on the source of hair, which has also spawned special hair r

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