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How to create pretty hairline?

Lux hair shop review/Q&A.

Straight Long Hair Lace Wigs from Lux Hair Shop


The hot summer has arrived, but the heat can not stop the pace of travel, many tourist resorts  welcomed their tourist season, at the meanwhile, the sales of clothing and wigs also reached to a climax point. has launched a lot of new products in the summer, with excellent quality and good price, which are favored by countless women. Lets take a look at it now, what new products are available at First: "Half & Half" This style of wig is one of the most popular styles of the year. The following two colors are the most classic and most popular color combinations. Blonde and natural black combination, let people know how to be beautiful and playful and cute, and the red color (Fuchsia) is matched with black, which is more noble and cool. Both two wigs are 100% Peruvian hair, hand-tied, natural hairline, and it looks like hair grows naturally. The cap construction is transparent French lace, soft and comfortable, eve

Deep Wave Lux Hair Shop hair bundles

Green, Green, Green, Yes or No?

Homecoming is coming soon, are you ready?

The back-to-school season in September is coming soon. I think everyone wants to wear beautiful exquisite and beautiful dress participates in homecoming and other activities with a new look, and become the focus of the audience. If you want all above mentioned, then you need get started a.s.a.p. There will definitely be someone to ask, isnt it too earlier to prepare now? The answer of course is no! Let's follow what I have seen before,lets see what we need to do to be a spot of the ball. The first is you need an Elegant dress. The dresses that go to the ball are very important. If you want to be the focus of the crowd, then you must be prepared dress carefully. The most important thing is that you can't wear same dress with someone else. It is the best solution to order an exclusive dress. Many people have a misunderstanding that custom-made dresses are very expensive. In fact, many online malls are cost-effective, also the style of the dress is

How to show you perfect women wigs?

What kind of wig is suitable for different eye makeups?

Rose red eye makeup is best suited to match the pink Bob Wig, which can be perfectly combined with makeup. Bob Wig is not very long, it doesn't look very gaudy, but it has a pretty lively youthful sense. This match is the first choice this summer. In addition to the pink hair, you can also try to match the burgundy hair, bright red color are also a good choice. This dark-colored eye makeup looks lighter and more common, and is suitable for the beauty of women of all ages. Especially suitable for matching with natural black color hair, whether it is long hair or short hair, it will look noble and elegant, coupled with a black long dress, it will be definitely the most popular style this summer. Of course, if you don't like black, you can also wear light blue or ivory white, which is fresh and elegant. The hair can be matched with blonde or long hairlength platinum blonde wig are suitable for eye makeup. Let’s take a look at this purple color eye makeup, which is

How to wash hair extensions?