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Christmas celebration in Australia

When talking about Christmas, white ice, green Christmas tree, Santa Claus and reindeer. On a snowy day, a family sitting around the fire eating turkey, and unpacking their favorite gifts, this picture seems to have been engraved in everyone’s mind. As long as Christmas is mentioned, this scene will emerge involuntarily in their minds. . However, not all places celebrate Christmas like this. What about Christmas in Australia? They also have habit to celebrate Christmas. However, due to its geographical location in the southern hemisphere, it is already a season of heavy snowfall in the northern hemisphere, Europe and the United States, and Australia happens to be a hot summer in July. Isn't it boring to celebrate holidays in this environment? the answer is no. On December 25, when people living in the northern hemisphere celebrated Christmas in the cold wind, Australia in the southern hemisphere also celebrated in a tropical way, while also incorporating classic elements of traditi

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