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Never Shedding? NO

Nowadays, more and more men choose purchase hair wigs, but more and more questions also appear. The important one is why the hair shedding on the toupee. The price for toupee is very high, but the service time is short. As usual, you can use it 3~6 months. For V-loop and injection style, the service time will be shorter. According to different think skin thickness, the service will be different too. Unavailable wigs: First, hair shedding Second, broken toupee base. Third, wig hair become dry and frizzy. For these questions, many customers can’t understand and they will choose to return wigs back for refund. Actually, they are normal. First, hair shedding. All hair wigs are handmade, when our worker are making this toupee, some hair will be tangled on wig, this is a floating part, when you wash it at first time, they will be fall down, it is right thing. All hair will be added to base, it will have knots on base. Professional hairdresser will bleac

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