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How Nature Hairline

HD lace is coming, Are you ready?

Time flies, summer holiday is coming to the end, What’s your holiday, funny? Presumably those men and women with a beautiful wig holiday must be popular and admired during the holidays? has been a self-built station for two years now. In the past two years, luxhairshop has been committed to the development of new products and customer service. With the advancement of the times, the research and development of products is also advancing with the times. Follow the trend of the most popular trends to constantly adjust the image of the product, and strive to meet the needs of each customer. Now it is time to homecoming, so more and more Americans increase their demand for wigs, has developed a brand new lace, HD LACE. This kind of lace is different from the previous Swiss transparent lace and brown lace, which makes it more invisible, so that the product will not be seen in the slightest trace. Although the traditional Swiss transparent

How fashion of straight hair wig?

Best choice of hair bundles Combination

In the midsummer, many people have already started this summer holiday, presumably everyone should have picked their favorite wigs? Many women who don't like wigs may have some inconveniences, but don't worry, is launching new products now, let's take a look. This new product is not just only a wig, but a combination series. This set hair series consists of 3 bundles and a closure or frontal. It is worn in combination and looks the same as wig, but it doesn't need to be tied to your original hair like a wig. Bundles are not unfamiliar to everyone, I have already introduced the type of hair on this product, and now I will not repeat. However, on, the blonde bundles are very popular, among which the two textures of straight and body wave are the most popular! Now let me introduce the closure and frontal products. The function and use of these two products are the same, used for the position near the h