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HD lace is coming, Are you ready?

Time flies, summer holiday is coming to the end, What’s your holiday, funny? Presumably those men and women with a beautiful wig holiday must be popular and admired during the holidays? has been a self-built station for two years now. In the past two years, luxhairshop has been committed to the development of new products and customer service. With the advancement of the times, the research and development of products is also advancing with the times. Follow the trend of the most popular trends to constantly adjust the image of the product, and strive to meet the needs of each customer.

Now it is time to homecoming, so more and more Americans increase their demand for wigs, has developed a brand new lace, HD LACE.

This kind of lace is different from the previous Swiss transparent lace and brown lace, which makes it more invisible, so that the product will not be seen in the slightest trace.

Although the traditional Swiss transparent lace is transparent, the reticular node is still visible. It is usually white and fits on the skin. The white nodes above are clearly visible. When you wear it, you need to apply powder on it to make it The skin color is kept uniform.

This results in a geometric increase in the time to wear the wig.

Many beauty lovers are mostly discouraged from wigs for this reason.

Another kind of brown lace has this problem, but it is different from the previous Swiss transparent lace. It is a little brown, which is more natural and beautiful than the other.

But at the same time, due to a little color, the requirements for the base material become higher. In order to allow the mesh to withstand the color without breaking, the brown lace will be thicker and the material will be harder, which leads to this The product looks very natural, but it is not as comfortable as it is actually worn.

Compared with the two, most people find it difficult to make a choice. Everyone wants to be very comfortable when they look natural and beautiful, but can they really do it?

Now I am telling you that this is ok.'s latest HD LACE uses the latest bud mesh material, which does not require dyeing to achieve invisible purposes.

This material is tough soft and half the thickness of Swiss transparent lace. It is thin and adheres to the skin. It is soft enough to feel the presence of a network structure. It makes the hairline more effective without affecting the normal wearing of the wig. Nature.

You can wear wigs perfectly without superb technology.

Seeing this, I think many customers have to ask a question that everyone is concerned about. Will there be a big change in price?

Here I can confuse you in advance, this product is only 100~200 dollars higher than other ordinary products in price, the price is very high, as long as you want, you can get it!

This lace will be launched in September, and interested customers can order in advance according to their own preferences. In just two months, you will get a perfect wig!

Are you crazy for it now?


  1. Such a great and an interesting post! Thanks for sharing
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