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How to deal with damaged wigs or old wigs?

Now, more and more customers will ask how to deal with damaged wig, or is there any methods to extended use time. This article will tell you some useful tips for damaged wigs. First, it is for old wigs. As usual, wigs from can be used around 6 months, if you care it better, you can use it for two years. Because all wigs from luxhairshop are human hair, water in your hair will be lost when it has been long time. Hair will be frizzy and knotted, you can’t use it anymore. But as usual, customers will choose new wig 1-2 month, actually that wig is still good. Many customers said that it is not the quality of the wig that is not a problem, but the shape of the haircut does not meet his current preferences or is not suitable for wearing in the environment where he is now. In fact, in view of this situation, customers can do secondary dyeing on their own. Because all products are made by real people, the last time is easy, and customers can eas

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