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Should you put on your makeup first or last if you wear a wig?

With the habit of wearing wigs becoming more and more popular, wearing wigs has been normal in our daily life. One fashion wig matches different make-up and clothes, it will have different effect. When you purchase wigs through online website, I believe you have already known how to wear it, and what make-up will be suit. After you received wig, if it is suit your mind, you will wear it once you got it, then match clothes you have prepared for long time, last, take pretty photos and share them on your social media, to your friends, to you followers. But I have one question, you will make-first or wear wig at first? We asked many customers who have purchased wigs from , they gave us many different answers. First, we will talk about people who choose to wear wigs first. When they are selling wigs, they don’t have complete plan, they didn’t decide what make-up they want, it is according to effect when they wearing them. Sometimes, wigs are no

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