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How to use hair bundles?

Hot summer is coming, hot weather troubles beauty-loving women, especially girls who wear hair wigs. They are happy to wear pretty wigs for holiday, but they also feel sad for hot weather. Actually, it is easy to solve it, you need hair extensions. Hair extensions accept customize hair colors, human hair extensions are soft, same as your own hair. Most popular in luxhairshop is hair weft, especially now, it is near to Summer.  Many customers choose hair weft for whole Summer, now it is time to introduce how to use hair weft. Sew hair extensions on your own hair, you don’t need to take it down even for shower or sleep. First, you need to take care of your own hair. Divide the hair into several pieces and braid them into small braids that are close to the scalp. At the end of the braiding, you can use a rubber band or thread to fix the back of the head. A part of the hair is also reserved at the hairline for processing the final hairline. After processing your own hair, you can sew it. U

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