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Descendants 3 is coming

Descendants 3 is an upcoming American musical television film. It will be the third installment in the Descendants series, following Descendants and Descendants 2. The film is written by Sara Parriott and Josann McGibbon, and is directed by Kenny Ortega. The film is set to premiere in August 2019 on Disney Channel. 
The film tells the story of a good-hearted protagonist in a fairy tale who once again defeated the evil villains and locked them on an island. The story begins with the growth of their respective children.

Ben, the beauty and beast child, is about to succeed as the king, and his first policy is to pick out a few evil villains and let them come to the new world to study and live, which has triggered a series of interesting things
In this movie, the strong lineup of the first two will continue, and many new characters will be added. I believe that fans have a general understanding of the plot, these high-popular protagonists in addition to the restoration of the plot, in the shape is also very consistent!
The first is these people who starred.

Their identity is a descendant of the "great villains." From the beginning of the film, they have rebellious, tricky, unusual styles, and so are their shapes.

Especially their hair color, full of publicity and bright, Mal is the descendant of the devil, her representative color is purple. This is vividly reflected in the second part of the film, the Mal of the blonde and the Mal of the purple hair represent two distinct personality sets.

Evie has always been a blue style, and the long blue hair represents charm.

The silver hair that represents Carlos' liveliness and the long black hair that represents Jay's slick attribute is the perfect restoration of the animation design.

Not only the shape of these protagonists, but also the style of the villains.
Uma is the second major villain to carry out the whole process. The third part will still appear. The style follows the consistent style and her identity.

Blue-green "big octopus".

Even Harry has a new look, which makes me very much looking forward to his performance in a new movie.
In addition, the characters that have not appeared, Mal's father is about to debut, presumably for this, fans who have seen the trailer are already waiting.

So in this movie, will “get better” and “save the world” with our protagonists?
Let us wait and see!

What is your favorite character design? Which hair color can represent your personality?

Please leave a message below the blog to tell me your answer. :)


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